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Growing Our Capacity

Dear Mile High Farmers,

As a chapter of National Young Farmers Coalition (Young Farmers), Mile High Farmers (MHF) is an organization committed to promoting the growth of agriculture in the Denver metro area through urban farmer advocacy, collaboration among farmers and their communities, and eater education. The following initiatives--along with the committees created to support our work -- are developed by our community of farmers, for farmers, and are consistently revisited at each MHF meeting and at our annual Denver Metro Producers Summits.

MHF is the local extension of Young Farmers — we are here to address the concerns of our community of farmers in our area. We value equity and solidarity, and are focused on ensuring social and economic justice for our partner-farmers and our community members. As our parent organization, NYFC supports our initiatives, provides resources, and ensures that our voices and concerns are present on a national level. We encourage you to become members of Young Farmers, as it is a member-driven organization and advocates on behalf of our community.

The mutual support and reciprocity between our organizations is also valued in our constituency. Being a partner of MHF means offering mutual support and cultivating a culture of solidarity. It means participating in a movement to bring to fruition the desired future elaborated in the Annual Producers Summit. Being a partner of MHF also means showing up for yourself and for your community, coming to meetings, voicing your perspectives and concerns, offering value and insight to conversations, helping develop the MHF vision, and working collaboratively to advance our goals.

Partners of MHF not only share resources, educate each other, and advocate together for policy changes, but are also integral agents that work toward our mission and goals. Our current work is underlined by the committees we have formed to address issues affecting our communities: 



  1. Farmer Education and Wellness

  2. Farmers Markets and Marketing

  3. Policy and Land Access

  4. Justice and Equity

In an effort to value our work as farmers in strengthening our communities, we would like to propose that all new and current partner-farmers pay $10.00 to support the work of MHF. This will also allow you to become part of the MHF directory. MHF affiliate partners are also encouraged to make a contribution! ​Financial assistance is available to anyone. Please inquire at

After registering, please spend a few minutes filling out a brief partner survey so that we can tell the MHF story better!

Thank you for your support. Let’s work together to cultivate our communities and do the important work of building meaningful relationships and carrying out our mission-driven work.

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