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Mile High Farmers is an grassroots organization of farmers, farm workers, and farming advocates in the greater Denver Metro Area who who share a passion for agriculture, and a commitment to social, environmental, and economic justice. 

Mile High Farmers promotes the growth of agriculture in the Denver metro area through urban farmer advocacy, collaboration among farmers and their communities, and eater education. 

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Mile High Farmers is the Denver Metro area chapter of the National Young Farmers Coalition. As a chapter, we are farmers and ranchers who steward the struggle to transform agriculture. We are an intersectional coalition that works for justice and collective liberation of our food and farm systems. We champion policies that resource connections to the land and foster our health in the face of climate crisis. We advocate for policies that recognize farming as a public service. We work in partnership with social justice movements for a future in which people, land, and relationships are respected. We aspire to stand in ever greater solidarity with global movements that advance human rights – especially the right to food and place.

The National Young Farmers Coalition unites America’s young farmers, ranchers, and supporters to fight for the future of agriculture. They help young farmers through local chapters, leadership development, technical training and support, policy advocacy.

Many of our Mile High Farmers partners are also members of the National Young Farmers Coalition. Members join a network of farmers across the country, and receieve exclusive discounts and deals!

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