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Mile High Farmers Working Committees and Chairs

Collaborating as volunteers, we promote urban agriculture in the Denver Metro by supporting small farms through the targeted efforts of our working committees. Learn more below, and volunteer with one or more committees to amplify our efforts.  

To learn more about Committees and join meetings, email

You can also typically find upcoming meetings on our Local Events Calendar.

Policy & Land Access Committee 

The Policy and Land Access Committee of Mile High Farmers is dedicated to advancing the interests of urban farming in the Denver area by engaging and guiding local, state, and federal farm policy. The committee evaluates and promotes strategies in support of local urban farming, including identifying suitable land for long-term leases that is affordable, has access to water, appropriate sun exposure, and is not a brownfield site. Additionally, the committee offers recommendations on best practices for water access, soil health, sustainability, and innovative farming techniques. To learn more or get involved, email

Co-Chairs:  Thai Nguyen, Alexis Albanez & Roberto Meza


Farmer Education & Wellness Committee

Connecting farmers to other farmers in the Denver area to share knowledge, resources and support each other; Identifying and responding to the needs of local farmers by leveraging strategic partnerships and identifying resources to develop a compassionate network to encourage and keep farmers on the land for the long haul. You can access Farmer Wellness Resources in our Farmer Resources Section of this website.

Co-Chairs: Jon Rodriguez & Krystyn "Yy" Dennis


Justice & Equity Committee

This action group will provide resources and education materials to build a shared understanding of equity and justice, and to develop strategies and practices that build accountability in action groups and the wider Mile High Farmers community. We will practice engaged community relationship building to promote and expand the conversation within MHF and without.

Chair: Dr. Damien Thompson 


Farmers Markets Committee

Recommending best practices for farmers interacting with community farmers markets and farm-site market stands, with a specific focus on responding to needs arising from the COVID-19 situation. This committee also helps educate farmers and farmer’s markets on the SNAP program, offers support for various crossover programs, collects data related to farmers/market interactions, and aspires to become a trusted liaison between farmers and farmers markets over time.

Co-Chairs: Margo Wanberg & Jade Sato


To learn more about Committees and join meetings, contact the committee chairs, visit our local events calendar, or email

Join our ranks today as an official partner in our work and get connected advancing one or more of these initiatives. 
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