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What have the Mile High Farmers been up to lately?

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Pictured above: Mile High Farmers gather for a photo in the Wellpower Dahlia Campus farm following the Farm Bill Event on July 24, 2023.

Photo by Laurel Smith

Joy & Learning with our Community: The Farm Bill for Mile High Farmers Event

On July 24, 2023, Mile High Farmers shared a beautiful and educational evening together discussing the upcoming federal Farm Bill. The event began with a delightful dinner from Momma Jah’s and an enlightening tour of the Wellpower Dahlia Campus Farm, and proceeded with an eye-opening overview and discussion of how the Farm Bill will impact our community and how we can take action to ensure our voices are heard throughout the Farm Bill process.  


Attendees interacted with a stellar panel of folks from Nourish Colorado, Hunger Free Colorado, National Young Farmers Coalition, and Mile High Farmers Policy & Land Access Committee. The panel skillfully guided attendees through various aspects this important federal legislation, including how the Farm Bill is passed, relevant marker bills, and effective strategies for engaging with legislators. Attendees shared their own experiences, and took action in real time to advocate for the needs and dreams of Mile High Farmers. If you weren’t able to attend or you’d like to revisit the information and take action, CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!


Huge thank yous to Nourish Colorado for helping orchestrate the event, to Wellpower Dahlia Campus for being such incredible hosts as always, to Momma Jah’s for delicious catering, to Hunger Free Colorado for providing valuable additional perspectives, to National Young Farmers Coalition for guiding our advocacy, and to everyone that attended and made this event so spectacular! 


Pictured above, left: panelists (from left to right) Becca Gredone (Nourish Colorado), Roberto Meza (Mile High Farmers Policy & Land Access Committee), Erin Foster West (National Young Farmers Coalition), Anya Rose (Hunger Free Colorado), and Alexis Albanez (Mile High Farmers Policy & Land Access Committee) listen attentively as moderator Wendy Peters Moschetti (Nourish Colorado) outlines important aspects of the Farm Bill conversation. Pictured above, middle: Mile High Farmers share a delicious meal together featuring local ingredients, prepared and served by Momma Jah’s. Pictured above, right: Shannon from Wellpower presents on the wellness and nutrition impacts of the Dahlia Campus farm while attendees listen under cover from the nourishing rain. 


Mile High Farmers Celebrate the 2023 Summer Solstice together at Goldspot Brewery

The MHF Solstice Celebration brought together over 20 wonderful members of our community, including both new and established farmers, to commemorate the official start of summer. Attendees gathered to enjoy delicious beverages from Goldspot Brewery while celebrating together and discussing our ideas for the development of Mile High Farmers’ programs and initiatives. Lead by MHF President Michael Alcazar, we discussed many ideas during the event, focusing on four key areas: Shared Plants and Resources, Divert Waste and Regenerative Economics, Water Summit, and Time Banking. Participants engaged in social, ecological, logistical, and financial discussions, all aimed at promoting community involvement, sustainability, and the overall well-being of local farmers. We also introduced the newly organized MHF Seed Library (see more info below!) and discussed how to best integrate the seed banking activities into our regular MHF activities. Best of all, members of our community got to relax together, catch up on how our busy seasons are going, and make new friends!

To delve deeper into the topics discussed at the meeting and learn more, you can browse through the images from the activity and check out the write up using this link! If you have more ideas and feedback, please feel free to contribute to the document! 

MHF News Spotlight: Local NRCS Advocacy

Mile High Farmers and Flatirons Farmers Coalition representatives met with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) staff on May 23 to build relationships and provide crucial feedback on NRCS programs. The meeting focused on addressing the barriers that farmers in the Denver metro area face when seeking funding from the NRCS, as well as exploring the potential impact that improved programs could have on small farmers in the region.


During the meeting, our farmers emphasized the urgent need for additional capacity and support in the unique agricultural landscape of the Denver metro area. They highlighted the importance of opportunities for land access, supporting innovation, and support for regenerative and Indigenous farming methods. Recognizing the significance of this meeting, both parties agreed that there is a substantial opportunity to establish strong relationships and collaboration between Mile High Farmers and the NRCS. By fostering these connections, the NRCS can better understand the needs and challenges faced by local farmers and provide more effective support.


Above all, the farmers made it clear that their primary goal is to break down the existing barriers for funding and support from the NRCS. By addressing these obstacles, farmers in the Denver metro area can access the necessary resources to thrive, innovate, and contribute to the agricultural community in a sustainable and impactful way. Stay tuned for more information on an upcoming information session for farmers on how to seek support for NRCS applications & programs! This session will serve as a platform for farmers to learn more about the available opportunities and resources provided by the NRCS, as well as receive guidance and support in navigating the funding process.

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