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Read the 2024 Producers Summit Report!

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The 2023 Mile High Farmers' Summit was a heartwarming gathering filled with knowledge sharing, community wellness, and love. Farmers rejoiced in being together in-person after a long time apart, and the day was truly wonderful. From indulging in wellness services to savoring local food and fostering connections, participants basked in the joy of community. The Summit aimed to support independent producers and the producers' community, promote social and racial equity in local agriculture, and build resilient and healthy communities and farms through collaboration and knowledge exchange. Be sure to read the community report to relive the magic and get inspired by the incredible achievements!


We want your feedback on the 2023 Producers Summit! Please consider taking 5 minutes to provide your feedback via this 3 question survey 

looking back

2022 Producers Summit

The 2022 Summit Focused on Farmer Wellness through the lens of community equity. In the virtual event, Mile High Farmers focused on collective care for each other's health and wellness, recognizing this is crucial to building resilient, equitable, and healthy communities. Click below to learn more about our 2022 priorities and read the Summit report!

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2021 Producers Summit

This was our third annual and first ever digital summit! This Summit focused on telling the story of urban farms in order to support needs. We also strategized around ensuring continued demand for local food after COVID, increasing locally sourced food for food banks, finding mentorship for farmers, seeking affordable housing, and building solidarity in our community. Learn more in the report below!

Summit Attendees PM Closing 2021-01-30 a
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Check out this PDF report from the 2018 Producers Summit for an idea of what outcomes were generated from our first convening.

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