we need your voice

You are passionate about local food production and want to join a like-minded community to help shape a healthier and more resilient future for our community, right? 

We want you in our corner. Become a partner today. 

about Mile High Farmers

Mile High Farmers is a grassroots organization committed to promoting the growth of agriculture in the Denver metro area through urban farmer advocacy, collaboration among farmers and their communities, and eater education. As the Denver area chapter of the National Young Farmers Coalition, we exist to address the concerns of our community of farmers in our area.

We value equity and solidarity, and are focused on ensuring social and economic justice for our partner-farmers and our community members. 

join a collective movement

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We need your voice and your energy. Our efforts succeed when you lean in with us sharing your time, knowledge, talent and resources to support urban farmers and producers in the Denver Metro. 


Joining as a contributing MHF partner, symbolizes your commitment to actively participate in our collective, supporting MHF initiatives in a spirit of collaboration and abundance. Whether you are a farmer or simply passionate about local agriculture and backyard gardening, we need your voice!

Become a contributing partner today.

we pledge

Our partners and affiliates will benefit from our continuous efforts to set policies, share resources, and foster relationships that support the success of local small farms. 

we ask

Just like democracy itself, this collective works best when everyone participates.  Please consider how to best share from the abundance of your resources: 

  • Knowledge sharing: speak up and share your concerns related to local agriculture. 

  • Time: attend monthly online meetings and pick a committee to help advance the work of.

  • Connections: if you know leaders or organizations with intersecting interests to MHF, please connect us. 

  • Financial contributions: help fund the work of initiatives if it is within your means.

more details

Individual Contributors: annual dues for individual farm/producers partners are $10. If this level of investment is a hardship for your operation, please reach out to our leadership team.

not a farmer or producer? 

That’s okay! Our strength comes from the diversity of our partners, and we need you. Consider yourself an advocate and affiliate partner if you care about where your food comes from and the health of the land and people who cultivate it.

Join us today making a financial contribution according to your ability to give. 


We also encourage you to get in touch to share your network and your ideas to help support our work.
Email Roberto Meza.

Learn more about our relationship with the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union and National Young Farmers Coalition and find more details about what partnering with MHF means in this letter to our partners.