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We are excited to welcome you to our collective! Please register and pay annual dues using of the forms below depending on whether or not you are a farmer/farm worker.


After paying your annual dues, you'll be asked to take a 5-10 minute partner survey telling us more about you for our storytelling, grant writing and program planning purposes. 

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farmers: $10 annual dues

You will be asked to take a brief survey after registering so that we can list you in our online directory and better tell the story of urban agriculture in our area.  

Information you provided will sync to our our online farm directory. 


Demographic information about your farm will be compiled to inform policy efforts and when seeking future funding for MHF. 

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We need individuals and organizations who share a love of urban agriculture to help us deepen our impact! 

Please make a donation from your abundance to advance the work of Mile High Farmers. Suggested donations should be in alignment with your ability to give to support local farming. 

You will be asked to complete a survey so that we can learn more about what brings you to our community and how we might work together.

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Pay your annual  $10 dues here, and please complete the following survey. 

affiliate (non-farming) partner

Please make an annual donation in line with your ability to support this vital work.